Where can I find and buy Adeva Jewellery?
  • Adeva Jewellery showroom is located at #45 Tomas Morato Unit 209 Winland Tower, Quezon City. For more information go to our inquire page.
How do I receive emails or information on upcoming events or latest updates?
  • You are very welcome to sign up to our Newsletter to receive promotional updates through email .
Do you do outside meetings or personal meet ups?
  • Yes, we do within Metro Manila only. Preferably in Quezon City. We can also do meet-up in Greenhills every Sunday.
I am interested in a particular piece or design, how do I get an item customized?
  • You are very welcome to visit us at #45 Tomas Morato Unit 209 Winland Tower Quezon City to discuss any variations or special requests such as a certain design, engraving, stone setting etc. We will be happy to create it for you and give you the best prod
What kind of gold you offer?
  • We offer 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k. Yellow, White and Rose Gold.
Are your diamonds conflict free?
  • All Adeva Jewellery diamonds are sourced from a very good suppliers abroad who guarantee to sell only conflict free stones.
What sizes are available?
  • All sizes are available.
How about the ring thickness?
  • Thickness always depends on the ring sizes and client’s perspective.
Can I resize my ring? Is there a fee?
  • If the ring is purchased with us you are entitled to one (1) free resize. No additional fee.
How can I know my ring size?
  • Please visit us in our shop at Unit 707 R Residences Bldg., #23 Road 3 cor. Road 9, Brgy. Project 6, Quezon city so that we can get your sizes. You may ask any jewelry shops near you and ask your sizes. If you are at home, kindly get a strip of paper wrap it around your finger or wris
What are my payment options?
  • Click here for our MOP page MOP
Is there VAT charged?
  • All prices online are VAT included.
How can I check the status of my order?
  • You can check the status of your order through email Adevajewllery@gmail.com, send us a message on our facebook page or by calling us at Telephone: (02) 500-8805 | Globe: (+63) 917-308-3543 | Smart: (+63) 918-924-9887.
Do you ship orders?
  • Yes, we do. Local and International.
Is shipping free?
  • Shipping fee is charged to the clients.
Is it safe to ship jewelry?
  • Yes, we ship our jewellery by trusted carriers such as LBC and FedEx.
How long will my order take?
  • It depends of the availability of the item that you purchase. We usually send them out within 3 to 5 working days. Most of the items are already in stock and some are made to order. If the item is already available, we can send them out immediately to
How do I track my order once it has been shipped?
  • We will be sending email notification with a tracking number once we ship your order.
Do you offer warranty on your products?
  • Yes, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all Adeva Jewellery products. Please retain your original receipt for all warranty services. This warranty strictly excludes accidental loss, loss of stones, theft, excessive wear and repair services performe
What is your return and exchange policy?
  • Please refer our Privacy Policy <a href="policy.php">page</a>. For more queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
How do I cancel my order if I decide not to pursue my purchase?
  • If for any reason and it must be a valid reason to cancel your order, please contact our Customer Service. There is a 10% cancellation fee.

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